Krystal stands alone in the creation of thick glass castings for architectural use. Cast in crystal clear and in many colors these are inclusions into the Built environment. They serve as through-wall lights, behind bar elements, bathroom additions, and either lit or built-in with mirrors behind to work Primarily with ambient light. The use of these elements provides an artistic dynamic to any project that strives for something special and long-lasting.


Our complete catalogue, 160 pages, shows many of the designs which you can draw on for your project. Note that part or all of any one design can be utilized. Alternately a combination of design parts can be pulled from different master plates to create completely custom designs. For example, drawing a feature from one master plate and geometric elements from another to create both the story and the size of the window of light that you desire.
Glass castings are normally 2 cm thick and can be cast in both bas relief and negative relief (raised detail and sub-surface detail).

For your convenience, we’ve divided this catalogue into three categories each with an introduction:

  1. Patterns and Geometrics.
  2. Nature in Glass and Light.
  3. Temple and Sacred Spaces.

Discover our 300+ designs.